Lauren Graziano
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It all started when...

Enthusiastic about learning from experts, building a larger network, and gaining experience. Passion for revealing my imagination came naturally as a little girl.  These flourished through playful acts involving dress-up, stories of make-believe, and theme โ€“ whilst planning the next act and staging the next scene. I started a blog when I was fourteen to combine my love of trends and social media. Captivated with people, fascinated with places, curious about objects, I romanticized resourcefulness with many innovative things.
This site allows me to express my imagination on a social platform once again, but this time in a more business minded direction. 

Lauren Graziano is a visual designer with a Visual Communications degree from FIDM (LA) specializing in fashion styling and set-decorating. Her work is seen in a variety of mediums ranging from wardrobe styling, merchandising, window displays, conceptualized design spaces, and renderings.

This site is still under development but aims to seek creative collaborations, freelance work opportunities and give viewers a taste of her artistic and diverse capabilities.


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