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Our shared passion to shoot always excites us. 
SO STOKED I had the opportunity to STYLE such stunning models while working with such a talented, enthusiastic team today!  It was an absolute pleasure. We can all agree, teaming up isn't always all that easy but when you have everyone in a group actually wanting to work together to get the most out of the possibilities, It makes a huge difference. ~Doing an act of passion versus doing something as if it were a dread oppose to the attitude of –"let's wrap up the job man, I want to get out of here."
It was so dope that I ended styling two shoots in one day without planning the second!! It was the first time working with everyone in the shoot and it was a total success. The photographer and I were still amped on keeping the camera rolling and so we made it happen.  

I ended up getting a hold of my favorite model / girlfriend Alyson Cai, who I know through FIDM and have worked with in shoots plenty before.  

Alyson is a beautiful and super fashionable, Chinese girl that is impossible not to adore. She is petite, sweet and funny and can't take a bad picture if she tried.  With her fashion sense and personal wardrobe pieces, It is so nice I am able to ask her to bring pieces to shoots that can help me complete looks that I have in mind. In addition, she wears a 6.5 shoe size, just like me, so its super dope.
Alyson and I met when I was still attending FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising.  I was the Fashion Director  FIDM magazine, called MODE, a student publication and as I was selecting appropriate models to shoot, I met Alyson and she was perfect.  Quickly our sense of style bounced off each other's magnetically.

When we finally got the definite yes to do the second shoot, Alison who was currently in her desk at FIDM.  Her excitement totally bounced off her seat as she ditched class to meet us at the location.

Location (seen in this clip) is actually the videographer's house
An ambitious and talented creative artist in the bunch of whom I worked with in the previous shoot I styled this day.
Although he had computer work, It was impossible for him to stay out of the fun.  

It was getting near the late afternoon by the time Alyson made it over. However, it was perfect timing because his girlfriend happened to be a beauty artist, so we even got another another makeup artist expert.  

I got so inspired by this turnout and the high level of energy and true passion that was shared amongst other creative artists, who are willing to get together, have fun doing what we all love, bounce off each others ideas and vibes...etc.
It was a very special and a memorable photoshoot I will never forget. Make sure to always feed your creative hunger. Money isn't necessary to have fun and express creative minds.  

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